Highland Honey Bees

Artisanal Handcrafted Honey from Boulder County, Colorado

Bee Packages

This Spring we will have both 3lb queened packages of bees and 5 framed Nucs. Both the packages and nucs will be queened with our hybrid VSH (varroa sensitive hygiene) Carniolan/Italian queens that are highly sensitized to Colorado. We have been selecting and breeding queens who exhibit:

  • Good Honey Production
  • Hygienic Behavior
  • Successful over wintering
  • Gentle Dispositions

Bee Packages, $11000 ea.

5 Frame Nucs

Our nucs are five wooden plasticell frames that fit deep supers! They consist of capped and uncapped brood, pollen and honey. All the nucs have a laying queen who is a hybrid VSH (varroa sensitive hygiene) Carniolan/Italian queen that is sensitized to Colorado.

If you are uncertain as to whether you need a nuc or a package, please give a call. (Tim 303-514-9257) There are a finite number of packages and nucs available. Please place your order as soon as possible to reserve bees.

5 Frame Nucs, $16900 ea.

Bee Consultation

Do you wish your bees would just Beehave? Do they wish the same of you? I offer mentoring and support for you, with your bees, at your beeyard. I have over 30 years experience with bees, and can help you with Langstroth, top bar and observation hives, seasonal management, hive inspection, queen skills, diseases and mites, and bee biology. I'm available anytime except when delivering packages and nucs with Tim Brod.

Consultation: $75 for 60-90 minutes

Refund Policy. If you cancel your order prior to April 1st, there will a 20% administration fee. After April 1st, there are no refunds for canceled orders.

The timely delivery of bees is dependent on the weather and the mating of queens. If we need to change the delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances, you are still responsible for picking up your bees on the alternate date.

The exact location and dates for delivery are yet to be determined. Delivery will be within a 25-mile radius of Denver. Nucs and Packages will be delivered on different dates.

delivery is within 25 miles of Denver. Exact location is to be determined