Highland Honey Bees

Artisanal Handcrafted Honey from Boulder County, Colorado

Bee Packages

5 Frame Nucs

Our nucs are five wooden plasticell frames that fit deep supers! They consist of capped and uncapped brood, pollen and honey. All nucs have a laying hybrid queen that is sensitized to Colorado.

Nucs have some advantages over packages. With our tumultuous spring weather, they are substantially more robust than packages. The queen is already accepted and laying. They contain more bees, brood, and some established food supplies in drawn combs. Nucs will also build up more readily into strong colonies due to their initial advanced maturity and size.

Spring of 2017 Nucs-not yet taking orders

2017 Bee Packages

Spring 2017 we will have both 3lb queened packages of bees and 5 framed Nucs. Both the packages and nucs will be queened with our hybrid VSH (varroa sensitive hygiene) Carniolan/Italian queens that are highly sensitized to Colorado. We have been selecting and breeding queens who exhibit:

Nucs will be queened with hybrid queens that are highly sensitized to Colorado. We have been selecting and breeding queens who exhibit:

  • Good Honey Production
  • Hygienic Behavior
  • Successful over wintering
  • Gentle Dispositions

Bee Consultation

If you're new to beekeeping or would like a second expert opinion on your hives, you are strongly encouraged to purchase professional One-on-One time with Kristina Williams. Kristina is available starting May 21 on a first come, first serve basis. Having taught beekeeping for 25+ years and also assisting Tim Brod, Kristina is well-qualified to troubleshoot your hives.

Kristina Williams 720-278-6872

Consultation: $75 for 60-90 minutes

Refund Policy. If you cancel your order prior to April 1st, there will a 20% administration fee. After April 1st, there are no refunds for canceled orders.

Pick up for Nucs will be the end of April/ or early May, TBA. The pick up location will be in Boulder County.

The timely delivery of bees is dependent on the weather and the mating of queens. If we need to change the delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances, you are still responsible for picking up your bees on the alternate date.

delivery is within 25 miles of Denver. Exact location is to be determined

Creating the bee packages

Loading the truck with 5 frame nucs in cardboard boxes